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file Share it app is a Cross-Platform file sharing app, using which you can transfer files from any device having any operating system. You don't require any Cable, WIFI or Internet Connection to Transfer Files.

file Share it app, World's Largest File Transfer App

- Share any type of files, anywhere and anytime.

- Get 200 times faster speed than Bluetooth.

- Doesn't require USB or the Internet.

- Supports a range of devices such as Android, iOS, Windows Phone as well as PC, and Mac.

- The device is being used by 600 Million users from over 200 countries.

- No 1 Downloaded app in the play store in more than 25 countries and regions.

Main Features

No Network Needed

- Using this app, you can share files anywhere and anytime.

Quickest is the world

- Transfer files at 20x speed compare to Bluetooth, get the highest speed up to 20MB/s.

- Transfer primary files without losing any quality.

Cross-Platform Sharing

- Cross-Platform Sharing allows you to share files on different devices like Windows, Mac, Mobile and Tablet.

- Share files on different platforms like Android, iOS, and Windows easily.

- Share files on different versions of Windows and Mac seamlessly.

Transfer Anything

- Transfer various files like Images, Photos, Videos, eBooks, Apps, MP3s, Documents, and much more.

Group Sharing

- Create a Portal, then you can add 5 friends and share files in a group.

Connect to your PC or Mac

- Transfer Files easily between your Mobile and PC or Mac.

- View all the files of Mobile on your PC or Mac.

- Play Music and videos on your PC or Mac.

- You can Control PPT straight away from Mobile, making your PPT easier.

- Easily Replicate Data

Easily Replicate SMS, MMS, videos, images, music, documents, etc. from your old mobile to new mobile.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I send files on different operating systems?

Yes, you can share files on the different operating system like Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Windows.

Is there any limit on the size of the file I transfer?

No, there is no limit on the size of the file you transfer, but for longer files, it will take big long time.

Which kind of files can I transfer? Can I share a complete folder in a while?

You can send any documents, photos, videos, apks, etc. As soon as you paired with each other, you can select a particular folder to share and share it in a while.

I have started the app, but others are not able to connect?

Keep the following points in mind:

- Both of you should have launched the app.

- Both of you should have selected different modes, one should be a sender and other should be a receiver.

- Wireless Lan should be Turned on both the devices.

How to solve the clash between file Share it app and Access Connections when you connect one PC with another?

You can installed the Access Connection Program on your PC and built the best Network Profile. Here, if your wireless adapter is not placed at the top of the list in profile settings, file Share it app will not work correctly. file Share it app will detect the issue and will notify you to modify the profile settings as follows:

1. First of all, open Access Connection and switch to "Advanced" Mode.

2. Now, go to the "Location Profiles tab" and choose the profile which file Share it app has urged. Then click on "Edit".

3. Now, you will view a window, choose the wireless adapter from the list and then click on "Higher" button to shift the wireless adapter at the top.

4. Now, Click on"OK" to save the changes.

5. If then also, any problem occurs, repeat step 2 to step 4 to save the setting of remaining involved profiles.

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